Friday, January 21, 2011


I think I remember that grass is green, flowers bloom, and little birdies sing outside my window. However, those memories are beginning to fade. There is snow on the ground here in beautiful downtown Ohio, about six inches now. I know that may not seem very much to some folks, but we have had snow almost since the first of December. We got more snow in December than we have ever had. I think the same maybe true for January. I like snow - don't like to drive in it - but it is pretty, almost serene.

It is also cold, may get down to zero tonight. I have not been warm since, again the first of December. I have cabin fever - cause, after all, who wants to go out in this mess.

We have a really good snow cleaning crew in our town. They start about 3:00 am to clean the roads. They start with our road, the one about ten feet from our second floor bedroom window. They make a second run about 3:15 am. Again at 3:30 am. By 6:00 am, when hubby gets up to go to work, they have been past about seven times and hubby has had about four hours of sound sleep.

Hubby likes to shovel the snow, why I am not sure. He is the oldest man on our street and the only one who cleans his walk. Last night he brought home a new curved handle snow shovel, to replace the one he has already worn out this winter. He has two small snow blowers in the back, but does not use them, they do not clean well enough.

In general, winter is not my thing. I do not enjoy being out in the cold. I do not build snowmen. I don't throw snowballs. The crunch of walking in snow reminds me of crunching bones. There is about three feet of shoveled snow in my small flower bed - no tulips, no iris, no roses, just snow, lots and lots of snow.

So for now I will sit inside by the fire, wrapped in my favorite blanket, write silly blogs on my laptop, and wait for Spring - glorious Spring.