Thursday, July 7, 2011

Very Blah Day

Things have been going very well for quite awhile now and I have had no need to blog and vent my frustrations about my husband. In fact, I am seriously thinking of giving up this blog, no one reads it anyway. However I am still being ignored and still feel invisible. It is very easy to read my husband when I talk to  him, his eyes are somewhere else and his mind is obviously on other things.

Tomorrow I will be leaving for a few days. Nothing special, just a weekend trip with our daughter and her family to the lake. I am sure I will enjoy it and need the rest, but what I would really like is for my husband to at least remember that I am going away. He has not even mentioned it since he told our daughter that he would leave work early tomorrow so he will be home before we leave - we'll see.  He has not asked if I need anything, if I have money, or even a hint that he might miss me.

But anyway, I have always written funny, humorous stories and would really like to do that again.  So maybe I will begin a new blog and leave this one for those occasional times when I just can't stand it any longer - even though no one responds.  So I guess I write this blog because I am invisible to my husband to a group of readers that consider me invisible too. 

Sorry, it is just a very blah day.