Thursday, July 7, 2011

Very Blah Day

Things have been going very well for quite awhile now and I have had no need to blog and vent my frustrations about my husband. In fact, I am seriously thinking of giving up this blog, no one reads it anyway. However I am still being ignored and still feel invisible. It is very easy to read my husband when I talk to  him, his eyes are somewhere else and his mind is obviously on other things.

Tomorrow I will be leaving for a few days. Nothing special, just a weekend trip with our daughter and her family to the lake. I am sure I will enjoy it and need the rest, but what I would really like is for my husband to at least remember that I am going away. He has not even mentioned it since he told our daughter that he would leave work early tomorrow so he will be home before we leave - we'll see.  He has not asked if I need anything, if I have money, or even a hint that he might miss me.

But anyway, I have always written funny, humorous stories and would really like to do that again.  So maybe I will begin a new blog and leave this one for those occasional times when I just can't stand it any longer - even though no one responds.  So I guess I write this blog because I am invisible to my husband to a group of readers that consider me invisible too. 

Sorry, it is just a very blah day.


  1. I am sorry that you are having such a rough go
    of it. . .I hope that you are leaning on Christ
    with your situation. He is our Great Provider
    and the need for love, attention & compassion
    that we, as woman, need He can & will provide.

    But, I also would like to add that I wanted to
    respond for another reason. In the last paragraph you state that no one responds. . .I am sorry but I have twice & now this is the third. For whatever the reasons my second response you did not comment on.

    With the feeling of being invisible to readers & lack of responses could it be due to the lack of consistency in the amount of blogging being done? I just know for myself I am more
    apt to read those who have some sort of consistency. Just a thought.

    It saddens me that I get this sense of you feeling sorry for yourself. . .not that you
    may not have reasons & this being the only place you have to turn. . .I just know that
    from my own experience it doesn't help. Only
    thing that can help any situation is turning
    to Christ. However from one pw to another I
    know you need someone to hear & to care.

    I am sorry if I am sounding harsh. . .it is
    not my intent. I just wanted to offer some
    unbiased thoughts on what I was reading.
    If I have wounded or hurt you please forgive
    me. . .I wouldn't want to do that to a sister

  2. You are right - I do tend to feel sorry for myself and I also am not consistant with my replies. I am careful not to check my blog when anyone else is nearby because I do not want my family to read any of this. I also have been having some computer trouble and have just recently gotten that taken care of. I have said things are going better for us now for the most part so I have not had the need to vent so much. That may change - hopefully it won't but I never know. I truly do appreciate your comments, they are like a lifeline to me. So maybe I will continue this blog for awhile at least and write some more upbeat things that hopefully will brighten my day. PS - I have turned this all over to God and am trusting He will correct our problems and hoping my patience will let me wait on His timing.

  3. I am really glad to hear that it's going better. Also, just so that you know I
    understand / get about wanting to keep this
    personal & away from family. Will pray for
    you this evening.- Kelly

  4. Feeling very lonely these last few months. Went looking online for some encouragement. The encouragement I found was that I'm not alone. Looks like many PW are lonely. I was beginning to think I needed counseling to see why I was so unlikable. as pw's we all know the answer is in Christ but sometimes someone to say "how are you doing, can I pray for you" would be nice but I guess we will get that in heaven later. Praying for you

  5. I stumbled on your blog today while looking for evidence of another human being who could relate to what I am feeling. Sometimes you just need to be heard-but who to tell? I know about feeling invisible next to your spouse. I don't like that I feel angry at times. Not to begrudge him anything, but it hurts when he is asked for interviews, photo shoots, etc, but no such invitations for me. The last picture I happened to be part of showed a great view arm. Yes, really. This might sound childish, but it is where I am at right now. I am sure there is a life lesson in this somewhere, but as with all lessons, the learning is painful. Thanks for reading.