Saturday, February 12, 2011


Do you ever have those days when everything is just blah - or am I the only one in this entire world who does. This is one of those days. It wasn't even that bad outside. It is warming up, the sun was fairly bright, and it is Saturday and I didn't have too much to do.

I could not sleep last night. Too much caffeine and I don't even drink coffee. I didn't go to bed until two, tossed and turned until after 4, and then that lovely lady from the last post called at 9am and woke me up. Now I am walking around in a fog, did not shower until after noon, did not get dressed until after three. I fixed breakfast, again it was after noon, and I have done a few loads of laundry. I have dough rising in the bread machine, dishes rinsing in the dishwasher, and I am complaining to a not so very vast audience of blog readers while watching The Lake House for the umpteenth time.

I am angry with my husband and he hasn't done anything wrong - no more than normal anyway. I am angry with my grandchildren who live here and they too have not done anything to warrant it. I am angry with my daughter, my daughter-in-law, and about ninety percent of the people I go to church with. I am even angry with the dog and she has stayed out of my way all day and as far as I know, not left me any surprises anywhere.

So what is wrong with me. I am tired, I am moody, my sock keeps getting bunched up at my sore toe, and I got a letter today from the local sheriff telling me I have to report for jury duty. I don't have my lesson ready for the kids tomorrow, I don't have my Sunday School lesson read for the adult class, and I just found out I don't have any boneless chicken for the alfredo I was going to make for dinner to go with the aforementioned dough rising in the bread machine. I would like a glass of wine and I don't even drink.

It is Valentine's weekend. I have ordered a book for hubby that I know he wanted. I am waiting to see if hubby remembers and gives me something too. What I would really like are the things I asked him for at Christmas; a bottle of sparkling cider, a night of passion, and a new mop. These things costs less than $10, cheap date, right? And surprisingly enough he remembered what I asked for this year. The unopened bottle of sparkling cider is still in the pantry, and I found the mop outside my bedroom door one morning a few days after Christmas. All that is left is the night of passion so he wouldn't have to buy me anything at all. But then why be disappointed for the second time.

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