Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Day Of Rest?

I came to the conclusion a long time ago that pastors and their families do not get that day of rest that God promised us a long, long time ago. Pastors, especially those who are bi-vocational like my hubby, do not have weekends and therefore their families do not have them either. After working at a secular job all week long, they must cram their work around the house, prepare for the next day's sermon, and visit the sick and needy into a very crowded Saturday, often working into the wee hours of Sunday morning. Church takes up nearly half the day on Sunday and if he is lucky, a short nap while dinner is being prepared, then some have to get ready for an evening service. Sometimes more home visits are squeezed in or some concerned church member will call to remind him of some upcoming event he needs to push or, most likely, to complain about something he said in the message or how someone else hurt their feelings that morning and needs to be chastized.

Last Sunday hubby and I drove nearly a hundred miles to visit a member who is ill and facing very serious surgery. In the past their have been trips out of state to visit members or their relatives, dead, dying, in need of salvation, marrying, incarcerated, or some other various reason.

This past Sunday was even busier than usual.  A dinner after church, visiting family afterwards, church that evening, sad news regarding a marriage in trouble, people sick, family sick, well you get the picture.   Yesterday the work week started over, tomorrow evening Bible Study.  How I envy (I know, we aren't supposed to do that) those people who can leave their jobs at the office, have days they can sleep in, and are able to not answer their phone if they don't want to.  Ah, to be a farmer's wife - no, maybe not.  How about a coal miner's wife - no, not that either.  Well, maybe I will just ponder this a bit more.

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  1. Yep, a pastor never really has a day off no
    matter if they are bi-voc or full time. It
    can be crazy at the speed in which life is
    lived in the parsonage.

    I am so thankful my hubby is full time at church which make it a little less crazy.
    But, you know, I wouldn't want any other life.
    This is the one for me. It hasn't always been
    a bowl of cherries & in fact at times I really
    wanted to leave this place but not the work. :)

    Keep up the great work. You may not know right now the impact you are having on lives
    but as the old song says "it will be worth it all." Have a great week. - Kelly