Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Do Not Take Criticism Well

I'm back. Not that I have been away much this summer but I am back to blogging again. I admit I was put off because some people criticized me for complaining about my husband and his lack of bedroom needs. To them I will say, put yourself in my sheets and tell me how you would feel if your spouse never wanted you and you went to sleep night after night wondering why. Well I am now over my mad spell and will get back to doing what I started this blog for in the first place.

This blog meets my needs. It is like when your therapist tells you to write a letter to the person who has hurt you. You never mail the letter but the release you feel is overwhelming. I can pour out my heart in this "letter", my husband never sees it, and I can go about my life in a somewhat normal manner. It enables me. It enables me in lots of ways. Number one it keeps me faithful to my wedding vows - how many of you can say that. How many people who have been neglected by their spouses stay faithful. Not many I would guess.

However, for those of you who have complained, I will let you know that my summer has been fairly pleasant. My husband has been better - not so much physically but supportive and caring. That also could explain my lack of having to blog lately. He seems to like to be with me more and even snuggles up close me. This I can live with. It was the won't that bothered me much more than the can't.

So for now I plan to blog more about good times but I do reserve the right to vent when venting is necessary. I hope that pleases everyone.

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