Monday, January 11, 2010

It's Monday Again!

I don't think I like Mondays. I never seem to get anything done. I do the laundry and write senseless words on my blog. I think about the other things I have to do, but never do them on a Monday. Today I am not even doing laundry because my husband ignored my request to stop at the store yesterday after church to pick up laundry soap. I can't jump in the car and go to the store because one car is not running, the other car is going into the shop for the "hitting a deer" repair, and I don't feel much like bundling up and walking since it is around zero outside and I don't want to fall on the snow and ice and break another bone. So I will sit here and dole out useless bits of information about myself that no one is interested in and probably will never see.

We took the Christmas decorations down this week. It takes nearly as long to take them down as to put them up. I love Christmas so I decorate - lots and lots. I put up two nine-foot trees with enough ornaments to do seven trees. I have a Christmas Village with houses and people, churches and banks, grocery stores and movie theaters, farms and depots, skating ponds and hotels, schools and bakeries, caroloers and Indians, lions, tigers, and bears - or my. We have a stocking for every member of our family and if you were to visit, we'd hang up one for you. We have Santa hats for everyone who attends our family Christmas get together and extras for anyone else who shows up. We have enough food for a third world country and tell enough family memories to embarass everyone. There is love and laughter and everyone has a good time. However, sometimes among the good times there is emptiness when someone can't be home for Christmas. Maybe next year there won't be emptiness.

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