Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 6

Today is my youngest sister's birthday. She is 56. I will not call to wish her a happy day. She will not call me. I cannot remember when we have spent a birthday together nor for that matter, can I really remember when I have seen her last. I have not seen her more than once or twice in the last five years, since our mother passed away. She is not a family person - not our family anyway. Her daughter barely speaks to her, her son speaks not at all - perferring to call her his sister's mother. She is handicapped and spends most of her time in a wheelchair - however this is the least of her problems. She is a sad, lonely, bitter person who prefers not to be around those who knew her before she became who she is today. She has built a family of other sad dysfuntionals who live on the edge of society, alone in their struggles, together in their distrust.

Her life changed - when I am not exactly sure. It could have been the loss of high school love. It could have been the elopement with a young sailor who turned out not to be the person she thought he was. It could have been the cancer and loss of her leg at the age of 23. It could have any number of opressive events but change it did indeed. She has a loving family, three sisters, two children, three grandchildren, many neices and nephews - all who love her and once did all they could for her. She had parents who did more than most parents, even to the point of building an apartment onto their home so they could help when she lost her leg. I took her children for the months she was in the hospital. Money has flowed out to her in the ensuing years - money that was not used to help but to enable. We have done all we can. Now we can only pray change will come again - for the better this time.

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